The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Friday, February 23, 2024


Daily Note

Am - 1.5 mile shake-out.

Pm - 1200m leg of the DMR. Coach had my split at a 3:16. Pretty happy with how I raced it. Was a little annoyed I handed it off in 8th, but luckily I was close enough to 5-7 that the rest of the guys could pick them off and finish 5th. I do not think that I could have gone faster though, as I was working very hard the entire race. Saw 63 at the first 400m and the pace just cranked up. Regardless, grateful to have been in this position and help the team out. Had a lot of sub 2:00 800m guys and sub 4:20 milers with me, so can't be upset. Felt great to finally get on The Wood, but there is more work to do tomorrow.