The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Monday, February 05, 2024



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Daily Note

Am - 3-mile campus loop. Legs felt very good this morning. Left hamstring is slightly sore. Was pretty pissed the past 24 hours about my race, but looking at TFRRS, I am 15th in the mile and 22nd in the 3000m. Likely doing just one more race before MACs, but very confident I can get into the fast heat, regardless of what event I do. Excited for what the next few weeks will bring.

Pm - 9 mile Rab Run. 4x150m striders. Felt great as it started then getting progressively more tired. Talked it over with Coach and decided to take this weekend off and race the mile at Haverford next weekend. Also looking to be in the DMR and 4x800m. I think this is the right decision. Hopefully I can get into the fast heat of the mile, but whatever it is, I want to help the team get as many points as possible. Core and pushups before. Rolling and stretching after.