The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Saturday, February 03, 2024

Alvernia 3k

Daily Note

Am - 2 mile shakeout

Pm - 3 mile warmup, 3k race in 9:13, 3 mile cooldown. One of the more disappointing races I can remember. Felt incredibly smooth and legs never felt that burning or lactic feeling. I got a pretty bad stomachache and let that get to my head, as well as the fact that I was terrified of dying like I did in all my cross-country races this fall. This is extremely frustrating and depressing because the way my workouts are looking, I am beyond confident I was in sub 9 shape. Splits were roughly 3:01, 3:09, 3:01. It felt like a 2800m tempo run into an all-out 200. I am especially disappointed because how much I love racing. When I throw an opportunity away to run fast, it eats at me. One of the few races I just feel like I ran like a pussy. Really wish I could have it back, but very confident I won't make that mistake again. Only brightside is that I qualified, but then again, qualifying should not even be on my mind. I am too fit to just qualify.


  • Joseph Nescio  (2/4/2024 1:12:20 PM) 

    Bad races happen. Take it and learn from it. That's why there is a regular season then a post season