The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Sunday, May 07, 2023

Off - Year in Review

Daily Note

Starting my two weeks off today so wanted to do a year in review that I know a lot of guys do.

Cross Country - B+. Got a real good summer under my belt, averaging 65 for most weeks and only having one minor injury hiccup. Haverford was a decent first race but then Paul Short was the best XC race of my life. I hit my goal of sub-28, as well as running at MACs. Although I just missed Regionals (thanks Tom :/) I believe this was a great steppingstone and got me accustomed to the miles. Although these were good positives, the negative is my legs were the most burnt out they have ever been in my life com Rowan. MACs I still felt like I could not run like I did at Paul Short, and training through Regionals, every single mile was a struggle. I was disappointed because I felt that I had a great start and a mediocre finish, but I am at peace with the season and have no regrets with it.

Indoor Track - A-. I was very excited and motivated for indoors, and set some lofty goals. I was hitting 70 mile weeks for the first time in my life and truly felt the adaption period made me stronger in the long run. Obviously, December was a very tough month for everyone for obvious reasons. Coming back to school was extremely helpful for me though. I felt seeing everyone was the best way to get through it, so thanks guys. I just missed qualifying in the mile, but barely qualified in the 3k. I knew I just had to get into the meet and good things would happen. Felt pretty good at MACs and ran 9:11 and felt really in control of the race. Really learned how to race in indoors, tactics I never had in high school. Losing MACs was tough, but I had a new fire lit under me for Outdoor.

Outdoors - B+. Could have been an A or B so figured I would take the B. March was by far the best training of my entire life. Hit 70, 70, 71, 55 and was crushing my 1ks and 400s. Also took core, sleep, and eating a lot better in March, even though I slacked on that in April and I think it showed. Opened my season with a 4:10 and 2:03 double and felt like it was all finally clicking. Coach had me take the next meet off, then my Achilles flared up so another meet off. Came back to Widener Invite 5k and ran poorly. Very poorly. Same at ETown 800 and lost the 4x8 spot. MACs I already described yesterday. I would describe this season as very good, but also some "missed opportunities." Specifically, not qualifying in the 5k and ruining my 4x8 chances. Happy with the growth I showed and genuinely at peace with all three seasons.

Thanks to the Seniors who will be leaving us. This truly was the best year of my life, and I never thought I would miss school or living in a dorm, or even late nights at ACN. Now though, I am ready to do everything necessary to help this team win a MAC Championship. Sorry for the long post.