The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Saturday, May 06, 2023

MACs 1500m

Daily Note

3 up, 1 race, 0 down.
4:14. Led the slow heat the first 500m because I thought there was a realistic chance I could sneak on The Wood. Ended up getting last but not upset with the race because I went for it and just simply did not have it. Since that 800m when Coach brought up the fact I did not come to race, I made my goal to lead this race as long as I could If I raced smarter I probably could have ran better but you live and learn.

Although once again it stings to not win as a team, I am still proud of everyone. We battled like men. This does however have me extremely determined to prove myself at the MAC level. More importantly though, earn the team title and experience the glory I am desperately seeking to achieve with everyone.