The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Monday, May 01, 2023


Daily Note

3.5 total warmup (200 warmup 29), 1 mile Pre in 4:45, 2 mile cooldown. Pre went 27, 38, 29, 42, 29, 42, 33, 41. My first two splits were 28 and 30 for the fast ones but Coach said 27 and 29 which makes sense because my total was 4:46 which is a second off. Either way I am very happy with this. Kev paced me the first 800 which was nice, but we got out quick. The 3rd 200 I just remember seeing Dave at the 100 and saying "run this in 29" so I gave it my all at that point. By the 4th one the lactic destroyed me, and it was definitely the most lactic I ever felt. My arms were weak, my legs were drained, and my lungs were burning. I fucking needed that effort. Coach seemed pleased with my strength too after going out in 27. If I am being honest, part of me was slightly starting to believe I was getting burnt out after the 5k, but this confirms I am still fucking fit and ready to compete. I just want to set a good tone for the guys regardless of my result.