The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Saturday, April 01, 2023

Danny Curran 1500m 800m double

Daily Note

3 up, 1500 (4:10.7), 1.5 down, 1.5 up, 800m race, 2.5 down
1500m- Got off the line rough but sprinted to the front and hung in 3rd for a while. With 600 to go moved into 2nd and 400 to go made a big move to take the lead. Took the gamble on my fitness and it paid off and ended up winning the heat. 4:27 converted mile. feel I have been in a rut of 4:40 since last year, so I am thrilled to finally get a slight taste of who I aspire to become. Got the MAC qualifier too.
800m- Knew this would be a good one when I was being my normal goofy self 5 minutes before my race, and Tom said "are you nervous?" Just knew if I suffered as much as possible during this I would be satisfied, but a 2:03 was a great bonus. Very pleased with my strength and speed at the moment. 4 second PR.
Although today was a day I am proud of, and probably two of my best races ever, I am in a dangerous spot. Running these times at a meet on April 1st means nothing if I do not improve. That happened to me last year, as well as XC. I must not get complacent, rather stay hungry until the MAC knows my name. Proud of everyone this weekend.


  • david millar  (4/1/2023 6:23:22 PM) 

    great racing this week bro