The daily log of Gavin Kelly for Thursday, March 09, 2023

15 Minute Threshold


: Completed


: 5 : 10 : 50

Daily Note

Am- up, 2.4 mile thresh (6:14, 6:04, 6:25 pace), 2.5 down. Felt super tired and heavy, so made the decision to cut. Was working harder after two miles and my pace was way slower. Disappointed but also realize that I wnt from 40 miles right up to 70 and now another 70, so my legs are just real tired. Every thresh is like a snowflake...

Pm- 2 miles around my neighborhood. A bit tired but nothing I couldn't get through. Stretching, core, and pushups after.


  • Joe Cardie  (3/10/2023 3:17:07 AM) 

    Make sure that you're talking all the steps to recover too. Eating healthy food soon after you run, stretching, and getting a good night sleep goes a long way