The daily log of Shrek for Tuesday, May 23, 2023

5 mile tempo, 16-8-8-16. Bub on track!


: 14.10 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Fun one today. Initially didn't think I would feel good. The first mile of the tempo felt lethargic and crummy. Felt like I was working hard to run 5:40! But worked into it well after that, found a more comfortable rhythm and settled in. The intervals after were interesting. Usual 20 minute or so rest between during the jog back to the track. Workout as written was 16-4x400-16. But Bowles wanted to do 2 800s instead, which I was fine with. The last 600 of the mile got tough, but otherwise felt really smooth today.

But the oddest part was one of the bubs who showed up. This guy was a grade A bub! He took the first mile out in 69- as written, we were supposed to be aiming for 5k pace. He sprinted the first 200 and then settled in, and we slowly caught up until we were right on him and he kicked for home hard the last 200. Interesting way to start a workout. Then on his 4s, he hit the first in 62, then 67, then the pack caught him and he dropped out. Super bubby/freshman in high school move. It's too bad, he didn't talk with anyone, clearly has some talent and could've done the whole workout if he hadn't gone out like a madman. But it was entertaining to see him dick measure only to drop.

Splits on everything: 5:40-32-31-29-24, 4:56-2:21-2:21-4:55