The daily log of Dustin H for Monday, April 19, 2021

2mi MAF - 6:54


: 6.20 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Kinvara 12 (Blue) : 0.0

Daily Note

5:45 am. 3mi warm up then right into a MAF test. Never done one of these before but I wanted to try it and see what happened. Went through 200 in like 42 with my HR at 165. Felt great stretching out but had to really pump the brakes to get it evened out. Ended up with a faster 2nd mile which means I jacked up the first one. The effort felt really easy and never went anaerobic. Finished up and then did 4x50m pretty hard.

Mixed feelings about this today. I definitely felt weakness in my foot, whether real or neuromuscular. I'm curious on how this test goes in 3 weeks when I do it again and if I see improvement. I think the HR monitor has been pretty good for re-building a base but I'm not sure how converted I'll be during workouts.

6:57 (150)
6:54 (149)