The daily log of Chris Scharf for Saturday, November 20, 2021

Nationals (32nd place)


: 13.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Slept well last night thanks to Nyquil. Took some musinx and got ready to roll this morning. Shake out was fun but cold. Legs felt good and just sort of cruised with Jake and Charles. We all talked about how it did not even feel like a nationals race. Like we were all pretty calm (boy were we wrong about how it would feel like nationals race, more on that later). Long breakfast sit in the hotel. Sort of like a caf sit. Just relaxed and made fun of Isabel and Myra for eating peanut butter soup. Then we packed up and left by 9:15.

Got to the course and went to the provided tents, but left to go to the team tent. The other one had no dry ground and we would rather have that so we can sit and be warm. Hung out for like 10 minutes then we warmed up. warm up was good, way overdressed I was sweating it up and then changed to spikes. Still did not have many nerves about this which was weird. Did tempo. Legs felt eh but lungs felt really good. Did strides and saw the team. Did the huddle with them (huge shout out for you guys for coming down, it was a blast). Took off the warm ups and it still did not feel as high stakes as it was.

Race: Gun went off and I felt like i was in a dead sprint, but everyone was still passing me. I thought we would settle in after like 400, but people were still letting it rip. (Log pause. At the hotel. Restarting after a two hour hiatus). Got boxed in and panicked a bit because I was caught on the left side and could not move at all. I was pushing and shoving trying to move up because I was so far back. Had no idea what splits were but website says 3:08 through 1k and some said like 4:38 or 4:40 through the mile. No clue Did not see any of that during the race. Hit 2k and knew the pace was fast just based on my legs but also knew that I needed to start working. I was too far back and once it got strung out I would have to make up a ton of ground. Really grinded the next bit. Hit two miles at 9:34 (saw the clock) and thats when it clicked that the pace was super fast. I knew I had moved up well (up to 31) but I still thought I was in the 40s-50s so that was a shock to me.

Hit 4k and knew I was on the bubble because every coach with a guy within like 5 seconds of that was yelling it. Got passed by 3 Pomona guys on the uphill to 5k and knew I had to get back on it. Pace had sort of lagged since I really had hammered the middle part of the race. Honestly wondered for a bit if I had sacrificed too much in the middle and was bound to have a bad close. Used the downhill to wake up and came through the 6k at the finish line at like 18:26. I saw that and knew we were flying. Just tried to stay engaged from there till 7k. I was hoping my legs would come back under me at some point since they were still beat up from the middle.

Hit 1k to go and just said I would regret being the first one out and I just tried to push it home. Passed a few guys in the woods and once I started going with like 600ish to go the legs came back closed pretty well I think (4:49 last mile, 8:55 last 3k). Saw the time and was shocked that I was in the 30s place wise (24:18). Such a deep field. Historic in terms of depth. Nothing we do can prepare us for a race like that. It is absurd. You think it will break up but it never does and you literally have no room to run. I was weaving through people to make up places. Crazy experience.

Crossed the line and the dude with the megaphone was talking to me and helped me to the side. Saw Charles and waited for jake. Charles ran such a tough race given his circumstances and what he has been through the last like 3 weeks. Kinda made this one bitter sweet. Dont know anyone in the field that deserved it as much. I know I probably would have given up. Jake hung in so tough despite the pack going out crazy fast and passed all but one WPI guy. So proud of the guys today.

Big shoutout to all the members of the team (men and women) who came down this weekend. It was so much fun to experience nationals with a group and to have the support that other teams typically have at this meet. I loved the red outfits, the flags, the capes. I was really proud to be a member of this team. Seeing you guys run back and forth and be so enthusiastic made the meet fun and enjoyable. I am Glad we got to do the huddle together. I think we also demonstrated that we should have been here and not WPI. we went 1-2-4 on them. They had two guys in the back 10 or something like that and scored 880 points. We got robbed and it showed.

I think I will run at least the home meet and see where I am at after that.


  • Myra Naqvi  (11/22/2021 7:47:45 AM)