The daily log of Chris Scharf for Saturday, November 13, 2021



: 13.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

2 shakout, 2 warm up, 1 mile tempo/easy, .5 strides, 5 mile race, 3 cool down. A few weeks ago the team talked about what would help us be successful on a day like this and two things came to mind: practicing on the course and having tough conditions. We had both today and the team ran its most complete race. It started to rain during our warm up but we just embrassed it and got in the zone. we wanted to "slop it up" and have hard conditions because we thought we were prepared to have run a tough race on a tough course.

Took my warm ups off only a 3 minutes before the gun and legs sort of clicked after that. Gun went off and I tried to position myself not in the front, but when I slowed down no one but the hop guy went around me. Sort of sat directly behind him for the first loop until charles took the pace a little before the mile. No one was really taking the pace and we were all kind of content sitting around, so when we got past 2k to the first hill I decided just to surge a bit on the hill and see who came with. Only Charles and an Etown guy really covered it, so I decided just to plug away for the next few minutes since it did not look like anyone was too keen to come with.

Got to the top of kill hill and Bryce told me to "take them to ram ranch" which was funny and motivating (huge shoutout for him for coming out) and I sort of just focused on staying smooth. Knew I had the lead and the closest behind me was Charles thanks to the coaches and guys giving me a heads up. Hit the last mile and just sort of cruised in. No real need to sprint especially with nationals in week and no one right next to me. Happy to win, but really happy with how the team performed. Charles almost managed the 1-2 on 12mpw which would have been absurd. Huge props to him for still getting 7th. It started to sink in that the team had a shot when I saw Jake come across under 20th place.

Really pleased with how this played out and could not be prouder of the everyone. Thankful for the guys who have come out to support in workouts (teddy, james, foote) and for all the guys that came today. We had the biggest cheering section and having all the guys behind us on the line was such a cool feeling. It felt fun to be there. I could not help but smile on the line. Also big hug from all the guys at the end was cool too. I think we ran the best race of the season on the day it mattered most and although some things did not go our way, everyone gave all they had and that is all we can ask for. Really thankful for this team.