The daily log of Chris Scharf for Tuesday, November 02, 2021



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Daily Note

Workout at Big Springs today on the regionals course. Did the 6k loop instead of the 8k. Workout was 1k @I, followed by 30 second on/off, 1 minute on/off. We alternated 30 seconds and 1 minute until we were at "kill hill." Then 3xkill hill followed by 1 minute on/off till the last 600m of the course, and from there it was hard to the finish. Total workout was 4.15 miles @5:35 pace. Split for the 1k was 2:58 and the last 600m (.43 miles) was 1:51. Everything else was effort based. Hard workout, hammies and quads were definitely feeling it. All the on reps managed to be on the hills which is crazy. Good work though, happy to get on the course. Long 4 mile cool down to get 10 on the day.