The daily log of christopher brenk for Thursday, November 18, 2021

blizzard in a rainforest LR


: 0.00 lbs. : 0 bpm : 7.00 hrs. : 0.00


: 16.10 Mile(s) : 02:01:50 : 00:07:34.03 /mile : Saucony Ride Apricot : 0.0

Daily Note

9AM: the two run things i wanted to do today were 1) go on a fun LR (to herring cove via SMC, up around beaver lake, south on blue lake road & up through reverse thimble-heart, to back home on SMC). & 2) run with geof, since it's been a minute. so geof was outside my house at 9AM. a blizzard! it rarely snows in town so this was special. ostensibly shit footing & super high winds made the look precarious from my window. but it wasn't as garbage as i thought. geof joined for the first 6 & turned at gary paxton. he went on a tirade against november birthdays, saying that if he had one then he'd get "stupid fat" from his "cook's curse" of having to bang out an incredible meal as he does for each holiday/celebration. at the end i divulged it was actually mine today. this dude stops, reaches into both of his jacket pockets, pulls out a fat wad of candy in each fist, & says with a manic look in his eyes "annie ratted you out!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" the best part was that i asked him after "did you intentionally start talking about birthdays to get me to say that" & he said absolutely not - he's just really glad he doesn't have a november birthday.
after geof left the run got snowier. the further out of town i got the heavier the snow & wind were. very deep in spots - maybe 8 inches up at the beaver lake muskeg? fun. SMC road had maybe 3 inches on the way back when it had 1 on the way out. 1,600 feet of gain in the trail/muskeg sections. it was so quiet & lovely there; the white mountains as leviathans in the background. in the thicker parts of the trail the rainforest treetop blocked most of the snowfall, & when a clearing opened on the trail the cool light & falling snow looked like a heavenly spotlight. more than anything though the snow vibe felt like home / minnesota. made me both love this place a lot more, & miss all the people in the midwest. overall, a wonderful run provoking lots of feelings.