The daily log of christopher brenk for Wednesday, November 03, 2021

verstrunner / northern lights


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Daily Note

hip flexor was kind of bothersome yesterday evening, & i noticed it today too, so i thought it'd be best to take the day off. in other news, i 1) made a new youtube channel to put out (some kind of) running content. (
& 2) at night the northern lights came out. it was unbelievable. northern lights don't often come out here & when they do they rarely are anything over than green. we saw deep pink & purple. it's every bit as cool & wondrous as you think. & the lights themselves are indescribable. every second is something different. they can just sit up in the sky & silently flow like a river, they can appear, streak & disappear in a second like it was fast-forwarded, they can shimmer & ripple in a prismatic way. the analogy i came up with was a small child ("god") playing at a lake's edge, moving his hands around in the water (the sky) to create the lights.