The daily log of annie zaher for Sunday, November 21, 2021

Snot Rocket City


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Daily Note

Woke up with a need to do yoga? 40 mins in the morning before Jenna and I set out to run at Ute Valley. Jenna's symptoms were worse than yesterday, and her mucus was building up so much that it was threatening to take over the world. Decided to take it easy the second half of the run. Beautiful day, but didn't see too many people out there except a man walking around with a large rock. We passed him twice and he did not acknowledge the absurdity of the size of the rock. After the run I decided to pick up a large rock and throw it to see what the hype was about, and that was my weight lifting for the year. In the afternoon, Kierstyn and I took down our Halloween decorations and put up our Christmas tree/decorations. Kierstyn said the rainbow Christmas lights I put up in our living room gave her "frat house vibes." Nice. In the evening, Kierstyn, her brother, and I watched 2 rom-coms which was a fun time.