The daily log of annie zaher for Saturday, November 13, 2021

Is this The Revenant?


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Daily Note

No, not even close. Started out the day with hike from Hessie Trailhead in Nederland Colorado to Lost Lake. Thought I would be the only person out there just doing my own weird thing, but to my surprise I am not the only Colorado person who enjoys hiking. Pulled up to the trailhead and there were like 30 cars. I almost had to parallel park! Hike itself was very easy/fun/chill. Wore spikes the whole time as the entire trail was snow/ice covered. Lost Lake was easily found by me and a dog wearing a jacket. Did a bit more exploring after that then headed back to town. Weighed my options and decided to drive to Boulder for a run in the afternoon. Went to the BING BONG trail, real name Bobolink trail. Weather was sunny/70s and run was overall pleasant even though I was having a sad day.