The daily log of annie zaher for Saturday, November 06, 2021

HCXC State!


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Daily Note

Can't believe Dan Watcke called Chris in the middle of his race at the state meet! But for real, couldn't be happier for the girls getting 3rd and boys in 2nd. Saw a picture of McCabe at the meet and he was absolutely beaming. So happy! My day started off not so great. Woke up from terrible nightmare and just felt like I needed to shake it off. Drove to Buena Vista to run part of Colorado Trail. Run was verrry slow, but I was running the whole time. After drove to Turquoise Lake in Leadville and did core and yoga on the "beach" which had scattered patches of snow on it. Listened to Photograph by Arcade Fire as I watched sun set over the mountains. Feelings.


  • Alden Aaberg  (11/11/2021 10:40:50 AM) 

    Hinsdale Central - the third best 'central' high school in Illinois, after grayslake central and Oswego central

  • annie zaher  (11/11/2021 7:09:14 PM) 

    sorry, who? Never heard of those teams...