The daily log of Svetz for Sunday, August 04, 2019

Pretty Boy


: 20.25 Mile(s) : 02:08:14 : 00:06:19.95 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

2 mile warm up quick da yams 1 mile build up and the 9 miles at 5:40 pace rest at easy pace after Okay so more detailed held off till evening since I was taking tomorrow as an off day and workouts just go better in the evening had to be a little later then I would of liked since I had a two hour stat exam to finish my online course at 3:40 but got that done and was ready so at robertson for this one 2 mile neighborhood loop decent pace then the buildup felt pretty good then got going felt pretty tough early but settled in then got tough again kept going back and forth but I was still hitting pace give or take a few seconds but ran soccer fields then back found new gears when needed and then finished up around west burial grounds for 9 thought about 10 but wanted to make sure the rest of the miles weren't a crawl also early on got called a pretty boy by a person riding in a truck who was more a boy than I but certainly not as pretty shucks anyways next 8 miles were an average around 6:50 to 7:00 pace so not bad legs got pretty mushi but still able to push pretty well felt pretty good about this all in all once the sun went down some so it wasn't blinding me was a scenic Meadville evening on lesilie ryan route saw diceman too so that was nice but nah sometimes running just brings out everything in me when nothing else can it was lovely run after layed in the new turf field for bit stretch got home stomach was acting so couldn't really eat for awhile guess to body was mad at me and seeking revenge even it was ironically hurting itself but ya know what they say revenge is a double edged sword but started with easy foods and stayed up longer than I liked but eventually got a full meal also a roll anyways svetz in