The daily log of Svetz for Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Russian Roulette


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Daily Note

Well roll sesh then had a work out planned this morning but did a mile and realized this morning wasn't it cut it their to fight another day morning workouts always seem to be like Russian Roulette 3 bullet style half the time they work just fine and the other half they go awful today was the awful so now contemplating how to adjust got a long run workout Saturday so might base it mainly on feel it is 100 mile week on the schedule so might just cut it to one since I've been pushing it hard or if I feel it something smaller tomorrow or Thursday we'll see but think adjusting a bit might be a good idea yeah after this whole thing got in a solid lift chat with coach kim stretch and core pretty relaxing through and through hip still acting up but I found a stretch on the interweb that might help out anyways svetz in