The daily log of Svetz for Saturday, July 27, 2019

Real Work


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Daily Note

I fill in details later but 3 2 2 1 workout today or 3 mile tempo 3 min rest 2 mile tempo 2 min rest 2 mile tempo 2 min rest 1 mile tempo and all the rest 3-(5:14) 2-(5:15) 2-(5:18) 1-(5:15) hard but feel good about it So yeah up to wes burial grounds for this one I really like it for tempo efforts decided to do it the evening since I promised my mom we would hit up flips for breakfast of course their was a 35 min wait so hit up some where else probs got a little bit to philosophical for breakfast but couldn't help myself today anyways roll later and then the workout still pretty hot for the evening about 80 degrees but went on 3 mile warm up Da Yams and then the workout well as above you saw how that went first two wes burial grounds loops I messed up took a turn too late the first time a turn too early a second time and late as in not at all got it down after that but it's been awhile and I don't have the memory I use to back when I was a yung lad still first 3 were okay but realized my garmin is still acting more jank than usual. Then next two first mile was smooth second was a little harder than I thought it would be next one was harder and the second mile was for sure the money rep of this workout did it well enough last mile wasn't easy but wasn't bad had some really impressed old couple cheer me on finished and as soon as I did saw Tapioca jogging along so did most of a 3.25 miles cool down with her nice to catch up had some salt spots on me so knew I had been frying a bit and was probs a bit dehydrated but made it through had a well earned green curry from graces stretch and core after anyways happy with the workout kinda feels both cool that now it's just me pushing myself and also kinda sucks that I'm not part of a team that I'm fighting for during a workout shucks anyways svetz in