The daily log of Svetz for Monday, July 22, 2019

That Sweet Old Fire


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Daily Note

Well post half marathon not feeling to bad slept in to make up for yesterday and got out afternoon since it was pretty cool I don't remember what route I did now so shucks guess it's forever lost in time but yeah decent pace not hot but not a crawl so yeah but went by pretty quick after got some good old roll stretch and core action also sometimes I just wish that fences were sentient beings with similar consciousness to humans and the ability to preform jobs that way I could be a manager somewhere and there would be a fence who wouldn't be a good employee and they would mess up pretty bad enough to be fired over and I could be like "this is a fireable fence" get it cause it's like a fireable offense but it's a a fence that did a fireable offense so the fence can be fired so it's a fireable fence ha ha man I love pointless filler anyways svetz in


  • Tim Weighart  (7/24/2019 7:15:28 PM) 

    Firing a fence would certainly add some fension to the office environment