The daily log of Svetz for Sunday, July 21, 2019



: 13.10 Mile(s) : 01:16:42 : 00:05:51.29 /mile : : 0.0


: 6.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Well early fuckin morning but yeah got there did roll sesh in the dark with bugs then ran into Claire Paul and Simon got a warm up with them then DaYams flatted up a few strides and then the gun got out pretty easy 1st mile 5:46 stayed in the 5:40 for first 4 then started picking it up got some 5:30s broke off a bit with geno and some other guy got to 7 started falling off legs were just bad went into damage control knowing I still had a way to go wasn't easy to keep moving but I wasn't ready to be that guy other guy took off but never lost sight of him geno caught up at 9 and we ran together till 11.5 we both were in bad shape so we both appreciated the company also had barr on the bike ride by a few times was pretty nice of him anyways caught other guy crawling at 11 geno made a move I couldn't started fading at 12 but fought to pull it back to respectable made the turn at Sarah's saw Paul then Simon Paul was having a pretty good day just closed it down decently for second 3 gators in the top 4 isn't bad really humid not happy with it but at least got a true long distance race under my belt but feeling better about it now than in the moment thought I had more not sure how much actual affect the fast build up/ highest mileage week not enough sleep and conditions of the race had but either way 1. need to get better with sleep things are getting serious now 2. The down week next week should help me consolidate the work I've put in so hopefully I can regroup and put in some good workouts next week 3. There's work to do and I've been admittedly a little soft this summer I think I need to truly make amends with this past season I think it took a bigger chunk of my soul then I wanted to admit just because I've always been so improvement based and there's been times were it's slowed some but this season it wasn't easy to see and a few times I saw it but also had a lot of times I felt like I was going backwards that was tough but iv'e got to put that behind me there's a lot of work I can do and whole different level I want/ believe I can reach 4. I ran through this race maybe I thought I could of done better but I trained myself hard leading up to this race I can't judge my fitness by this I really didn't give myself a fair shot in the end I have accept that the goal is the marathon and there is a lot of work between now and then I can and will be ready anyways 3 mile cooldown with cuck was nice to have him visit and a nice 10 min crawl stretch and all and then some good rest and parents pancking all day to drown me in fluids anyways svetz in