The daily log of Svetz for Friday, July 19, 2019

Late Lu


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Daily Note

well doing a reco double to make things a bit easier on the body for Sunday so morning 8 kennedys mule bugs are just getting worse and worse even bug spray only works so much I love the routes I have but during the summer it also can be fairly annoying but shucks I'm trying to enjoy home running on nice back roads before I have to deal with Pittsburgh running at least my apartment is right next to schenly and 3 rivers trail grass at ass is not dead but anyways decent run feeling better lately then volunteer stuff had a few summer xc and track friends for dinner but because of that got out around 8:40 for second run wanted 8 but thunderstorm came in which made it really dark decided to pull it and do a 2 mile shake out some time tomorrow roll and stretch sesh after anyways svetz in