The daily log of Svetz for Wednesday, July 03, 2019



: 12.15 Mile(s) : 01:23:40 : 00:06:53.16 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

Well today not to shaby of a run did johnathans gin didn't get the bahs from the sheep today but shucks their a fickle crowd I suppose but pretty smooth even pace through out didn't work too much for it would like to get a little faster this week but well see what happens thought about the why brothers I was a part of in second grade and how we just kept asking people why until they ran out of answers and said something like "because" as a response who woulda thunk I was already kinda of exploring existentialism when I was in second grade neat but anyways pretty good run been hating up a lot just feels right also got some loops around roach park and by the time I finished fire works were going off what seemed to be a bit early by both a day and by how light it still was outside but shuck no matter anyways roll stretch and core anyways svetz in