The daily log of Svetz for Tuesday, July 02, 2019

(Flashback) Month of Truth


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Daily Note

Well got out in the evening just messing around on ernst all slow like feeling a little sore but holding up better than last week got 10 miles in and ran into porter on his run so jogged with him to roach park and around and said our good byes it's always good chatting with him mileage is really different so can't really do runs together but it was nice pretty hot out but reminded me of how I've always thought of july it really is hell sometimes and unlike june it's starting to get to big boi miles and the days are just hotter you've been runing long enough so your not fresh but your not in shape either and unlike august and the rest of the fall months the team and races seem so far away it's a lot easier to go do it with a team right beside ya but it's just the fact that july either breaks ya or you break July it's never been easy for me but I've known that I can get through it in style a long time I suppose just another time to show my truth after roll stretch anyways svetz in