The daily log of Svetz for Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Dawgs going to the finals


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Daily Note

Got out in the afternoon wasn't too hot just still sore and all but just took it easy today didn't force anything did an out and back on Kennedy and Ernst got a few summer bugs starting to annoy me but shucks I think I'd take them over snow any day finished up got in a roll and stretch later I got to get a little more serious harder to motivate no longer having the team aspect but i'll figure it out otherwise sam's team won the semifinal PIAA states was a good game he didn't get to play but shucks he didn't score no points but he still happy dow anyways svetz in


  • Tim Weighart  (6/5/2019 5:53:06 PM) 

    Did he have a good prom tho

  • Tim Weighart  (6/7/2019 6:17:26 PM) 

    Aw rip

  • Svetz  (6/7/2019 10:16:23 AM) 

    No sadly he didn't want to go with jar jar