The daily log of runamanda for Sunday, August 30, 2009

Failure 2/2- extreme pain


: 96.60 lbs. : 0 bpm : 0.00 hrs. : 0.00


: 15.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Adidas AdiStar Ride : 0


: 1 : 1000 : 1000

Daily Note

Was suppose to be a good workout:

5 miles Easy
10 miles Good
5 miles hard
3 miles surging 1-2 minutes the whole time
23 mile total

On rolling hills

But instead I was in pain from the first step (left knee, left back bone spot that travels to hip area and butt area a little up the back and groin area).

I went as long as I could but finally broke down at just past 15 miles and just started crying from the pain. I couldn't open my stride my Good pace which should have been in the 7's was slower then 9-10 min/miles.

This just stinks. I am a huge letdown, failure and everything bad.

2/2 failed "bad" workouts for coach