The daily log of runamanda for Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Subbing-Dog- 200 meter PR- LOL


: 98.40 lbs. : 0 bpm : 0.00 hrs. : 0.00


: 8.00 Mile(s) : 01:01:16 : 00:07:39.5 /mile : UA Spectre : 0

Daily Note

First time back on my feet all day in almost 3 months... no more time to lay down on my fat tummy (at least I hope no more time, or well not much)..... I did 5 x 2 minutes and just tried to keep the miles under 8:15 but dad said if I wasn't able to I could turn off the watch.... not sure how the legs would take the change..... so played it safe distance wise and workout wise.... AND I totally had a 200 meter PR today as I was screaming my lungs out for bloody murder as the huge dog was chasing, growling and snapping at me........ not sure of the time but YEAH for 200 meter PR... PS the lady chased me down and told me he would not hurt me....... I said he was snapping at me and she said ok KICK it or do whatever you need.... What I need to do is call the pound... this dog has attacked so many times I can't count that high (I'm only a junior high math teacher)... as this time 3 people stood in the yard and did nothing until I started screaming... the neighbor must not like them because they told me to call the sheriff...... but if I do it will somehow be my fault like the car hitting me was my fault...

5x2min- 7:41, 7:16 (1x2min), 7:12 (1x2min), 7:30 (1x 2min), 7:46 (1 x 2 min), 8:11 (1 x 2 min)(mountain in about 4:30 Whoops a little LOT too slow), 7:57, 7:39

- Last half of run struggled- 2nd day in a row subbing- pulled it back together for last mile- The mountain totally kicked my butt today for that mile and the mile after it.