The daily log of runamanda for Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Twin Creeks, Germantown=Humbling


: 98.80 lbs. : 0 bpm : 0.00 hrs. : 0.00


: 10.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : SuperNova Glide : 0

Daily Note

Went to Twin Creek MetroPark in Germantown. This was a humbling humbling humbling experience. This is part of the Germantown 50k course that I was planning on doing later this month. For the 50k intead of racing it I thought it would be a good training run and run it at my goal 50 mile race pace(7:54/mile) in preperation for Nationals in October. So I went down this time and knew approximately the location and distances between a few point and thought for 10 mile I should be able to do race pace. Well at first I missed the right path and got lost then found my way to te start backwards. So the first real leg to the "aid station" was 3.5 miles at race pace I should have been 27:39 but instead I was 33:45(9:38.5/mile) (+6:06 major ouch). The next section I wasn't sure the race map says it is 2.7 miles and the park map says it is 2.1 miles. well I found out it was definitely 2.1 mile. I was suppose to run the 2.7 mile leg in 21:19 well instead I ran the 2.1 leg in 20:32 but you can subtract 3 minutes so I ran it in 17:32(8:19/mile) (still slower then race pace 16:35)(+0:57) (I got lost the color signs disappeared on both trails) and I just happened to notice it was 1:30 when I got out to a random road so I turned back around and guessed the other way. The last section was 3.2 miles and I was suppose to be 25:16 and instead I was 26:56(+1:40) (8:25/mile). So this was 8.8 miles 8:49 slower then race pace. Total supppoe to be 1:09:30 (7:53.8/mile) and instead was 1:18:07 (8:52/mile). One minute per mile slower then 50 mile goal race pace for only 8.8 miles.... this is not good... I don't need a race to bring me down when I have ran a 50k at 7:16 pace and am now faster and in better shape then when I did that. I know it's trail so it's slower but Nationals is on mountains so it is slower too. It's only a 50k so I should be able to run that pace but serioulsy I can't even do that for 8.8 miles. What the crap is up with the first section.... the last section was just as brutal at some points, the middle section or the purple loop had some hills but was mild compared to the first and last. Now I just have to wonder what the other parts of the course are like????


  • A. Kramer  (8/5/2009 6:47:41 AM) 

    I forgot to update my calendar to the 22nd - thanks. Are you planning on doing Germantown?