The daily log of Paru Meyyappan for Tuesday, September 17, 2019

k..k...k...KKKKK repeats!1!!!!1


: 9.15 Mile(s) : 01:10:00 : 00:07:39.01 /mile : brooks adrenaline gts : 0.0

Daily Note

so warmup on the 18, drills strides and 6 by K with 2:30 rest. coach told us the range was 3:40 - 45. hit 4 at 3:41, 5th one was 4:39/40 and the last one was 4:42 which was an oof. I feel like i tried to speed it up too early. Other than that the workout was fine but y claves feel wrecked probably from post race and toc stuff. I'll normatec later today. cooled down the fastest I ever have to get to the first women in econ meeting. lol average 7:40 pace on the cooldown which may have been harder than the workout itself


  • abby levine  (9/18/2019 12:09:54 PM) 

    wow 4:42 you really fell off pace

  • Paru Meyyappan  (9/18/2019 7:10:42 PM) 

    what i mean to write was 4 minutes for 2k @Taylor