The daily log of Paru Meyyappan for Friday, July 19, 2019


Daily Note

woke up early to get this long run and as soon as my feet hit the ground my toe was hurting with each step. i did some research last night and determined it was an ingrown toenail which really isn't that bad. I bought some ointment and bandaids and padding and put them on to start running and it still hurt a ton. In retrospect maybe i should've just popped an advil and gone. So now I haven't run any miles today and probably wont since im leaving to madison after work so that is fun. guess ill double?


  • abby levine  (7/19/2019 6:07:19 PM) 

    def don't hurt yourself, if mileage is a little lower one week it won't matter at all in the end!

  • Caitlin Huang  (7/21/2019 3:26:48 PM) 

    cross train?