The daily log of Paru Meyyappan for Tuesday, July 02, 2019

what a day


: 7.08 Mile(s) : 00:54:00 : 00:07:37.62 /mile : brooks adrenaline gts : 0.0

Daily Note

it was 94 and frickity frackity hot for the first 4.6 miles. I got some nice cloud cover for .22. then these big dark black clouds cover the sky, out of nowhere a gajillion dragonflies come out and the winds pick up to probably 20-25 mph headwind. I busted by butt to get back home where at the last intersection a creepy old guy started racing me and yelled at me and then i stepped into my apt and 10 min later it started to pour and it is till pouring. what a day