The daily log of mcshep for Sunday, April 28, 2019

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Daily Note

10 min shakeout on the bike in the AM, saw a rainbow which was pretty cool. Headed to the track, 15 min WU with Abby and Nat, 1500 (4:43, PR, 4th), 10 CD. Race went out pretty slow and I was at the back, didn't wanna push too hard cause didn't know how body was gonna handle the double. Ended up at the front working with Natalie for a lap or so which was so much fun. With 500 to go started pushing and tried to hang with Emily Bryson as she took off but really just couldn't hold it and didn't have as much of a kick as others. Managed to lean at the line and beat some girl though which was fun. So proud to be on this team. 60/60 scorers and 2 UAA titles.