The daily log of mcshep for Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Daily Note

EZ bike dub in the late morning. __________________________________________________________________ 20 min WU, 4xCV k (3:45, 46, 46, 46), 3x400 (84, 85, 83), 15 min turf CD. Shins have been feeling pretty good but had Mary tape them to test it and see if I could race like that. Didn't bother me in the workout except for like 10 meters of the last 400 where I got a sharp pain in the right shin but then it went away and felt pretty good after. A little tight and sore now but lots of rolling and icing and resting tomorrow before the race. Other than that the workout felt good, legs fresh, aerobically a little challenging I think due to the humidity. Loved the music and was in good company with Sophie Young.