The daily log of mcshep for Monday, April 08, 2019

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Woke up a lot in the night and finally got a snack at 4am. Really need to figure out how to fuel so this doesn't happen because its been quite disruptive in my daily routine. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Oof this was a rough one. Starting my run at noon in the peak sun/heat was definitely not the move. Body is not yet used to sweating so definitely over heated. Felt the best in the middle 6 miles which was a little more shaded. Think I got sunburnt. Wrightonpalooza helped me feel a bit better after. Hip strengthening and core, no hurdle mob cause was in a rush to get out of the sun. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Looking back at cross, it took me about 5 weeks post break to start feeling decent again. This is the beginning of week 4, so hopefully should be getting there soon, just feeling tired.


  • Sophie Watterson  (4/8/2019 11:29:25 AM) 

    Yo hmu about this, I've dealt with it a lot