The daily log of mcshep for Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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AM: Snowy double with Zarya before steeple. Tendon on top of foot has been a little bothersome so wore shoes loose and didn't do a lot at steeple, didn't actually notice it on the run. ______________________________________________________ 20 min WU, 3 mile threshold on track (6:18, 6:10, 6:02), 6x400 with 80 second jog(86, 88, 83, 82, 78, 75), 18ish CD. Wow best I've felt on a workout in a while, I love the track. Threshold was solo which was kinda sad but had a good cheer squad and lots others on the track as well. Faster than times Stiles said for the 400s as well but was trying to hit that 9. Zac spit in my face on the cooldown and I froze my hands off but overall good day.


  • Lisa Gorham  (1/23/2019 7:53:35 PM) 

    you looked super smooth today!!