The daily log of Maggie Malley for Monday, March 01, 2021

I lost my thoughts whoops


: 9.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Ghost 13 White : 0.0


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Daily Note

I had so many good ideas for what to write in this log but my brain is too tired to think now. also a big topic of discussion- if you were a sea urchin (and could live solely on land, your little spikes were legs, and you were the size of a human) what would your preferred job be? Answers given so far- a hot dog vendor, bodyguard, wanting to aerate the soil, and making money by telling people you will poison them if they don't pay you (they are poisonous)


  • Anna Kwasnica  (3/6/2021 3:03:40 PM) 

    I would start a band except I would play every instrument

  • Christian Geer  (3/1/2021 4:17:58 PM) 

    The easy answer is pro runner, with all those extra legs it wouldn't be fair

  • Peter Lantz  (3/2/2021 7:46:50 AM) 

    Imagine playing the drums with all those spikes. Narly

  • Maya Rachel  (3/2/2021 8:59:06 PM) 

    I would make a movie, except I would do all of the jobs because I'd have so many goddamn arms. or be a Christmas tree

  • Liam M  (3/1/2021 5:52:00 PM) 

    Bartender. Think of all the drinks you could whip up at once. I guess that kinda rides on whether or not you have opposable thumbs

  • Madeline Allen  (3/1/2021 3:58:30 PM) 

    I'd be a bodyguard for sure

  • Pearl Cooper  (3/3/2021 6:09:06 PM) 

    I agree with Geer, but would he run like a person does or would he kind of roll like a ball