The daily log of Lisa Gorham for Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Retrocalcanial Bursitis


: 3.97 Mile(s) : 00:30:00 : 00:07:33.40 /mile : GT2000sPeriwinkle : 0.0


: 0.00 Mile(s) : 01:10:00 :

Daily Note

Tried out the alter G this morning!! Started at 1% incline, 50% body weight and worked up to 60% body weight by the end. Achilles was noticeable, but I wasn't sure if it was just soreness from not being used to the motion or if it was actual pain. Luckily it never hurt enough to make me want to stop. Heated it both before and after the alter g. // Achilles hurt walking around in the boot all morning, especially going down stairs. Frustrating... not sure if its just that I pushed it too hard this morning or if its normal soreness or what. // PM: Did a bike workout- first five minutes achilles hurt, but after I got warmed up it felt normal. Did 20 warmup, then a rather complicated workout: 6 min of moderate resistance 90-100 rpm, then 2x(3 min moderate resistance 90-100 rpm, 3 min moderate resistance 100+ rpm), then 2x(4 min moderate resistance 90-100 rpm, 2 min hard resistance 100+ rpm), then 2x(5 min moderate resistance 90-100 rpm, 1 min hard resistance 110+ rpm), then 8 min cool down. Was breathing extremely hard by the end, got some looks from the NARPs nearby but had a lot of fun. Then did a bunch of injury prevention exercises with Kelly. // Met with the doctor and turns out my problem is not my achilles, I have retrocalcanial bursitis which Mary seemed to think is a good thing? Lots of things to be adding to the recovery plan...