The daily log of Lisa Gorham for Monday, January 28, 2019


Aqua Jog

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Daily Note

Was planning on doing an hour on the bike and an hour on the underwater treadmill, but for some reason biking today was really hurting the medial side of my achilles so stopped at 37 min and switched to the underwater treadmill. Luckily the treadmill didn't hurt at all, not even a tiny bit!!!! Did 60 minutes at 7 mph with the jets on 70% resistance. To keep from going insane just staring at the concrete wall, alternated between 100 faster steps and 100 slower steps at times. Also made up a puzzle with the logo on the wall which took a while for me to solve. Was surprised by how fast the time went by despite having no one to talk to or anything. Hands were prunes by the end.