The daily log of Lisa Gorham for Wednesday, January 09, 2019



: 3.79 Mile(s) : 00:34:07 : 00:09:00.10 /mile : GT2000sPeriwinkle : 0.0


: 9.61 Mile(s) : 01:09:28 : 00:07:13.71 /mile : GT2000sPurple : 0.0

Daily Note

AM: Double into Shaw Park with Ellie, Katie, Sahara, and Lia. Great time and it was a nice way to wake up. First double of 2019! PM: First workout with the team! Did 20 warmup w/ 90 second extendo, 1 art hill, then 6x3 min on/1 off around the 1880 loop, 2 more art hills, ran back to campus, and then did 4 200s in spikes in 37, 37, 36, 37. First rep of the fartlek was pretty brutal as the legs were not ready for the pace but felt better as the workout went on. 200s were really fun, I forgot how good it feels to prance around in track spikes. Very excited for more wednesday workouts this season since I had class conflict last year.