The daily log of Lexi Affolter for Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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: 4.01 Mile(s) : 00:31:24 : 00:07:49.82 /mile : Mizuno Wave Rider 22 : 0.0

Daily Note

Today i was planning on running 6 then got a burning cramp (lingering for a half mile) and would not go away so i was forced to stop because i literally could not breathe. I was breathing hard this whole run and was at a normal pace. I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with bronchitis which explains the tiredness, hard breathing for the past week, and awful cough. I am on anti-biotics and z pack until sunday which means i cannot run until monday when my lungs are 100% healthy. I am so sad not to be running the Magis Miles but will do some track meets at University of Chicago this summer. I am happy they diagnosed me so that i will get better but am still really disappointed that i cannot race. The past few weeks I just have felt terrible and ungeaklthy so i am glad i am going to get better soon


  • Coach Haffner  (5/30/2019 3:53:18 AM) 

    you won't lose any fitness with a bit of rest and recovery.