The daily log of Joe Stover for Saturday, November 02, 2019



: 8.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0


: 5.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : NB XC Spikes : 0.0

Daily Note

Really good weather for this one. Did all the normal things beforehand. Finished in 11th place. Knew it would go out really fast since Chicago and Carnegie like racing like that. But since the first half of the race was basically downhill or on a track, I was more just looking for positioning. At the turn around people almost immediately came back to me and passed a lot of people very quickly. In hindsight, should have chilled out a bit for longer since I underestimated how much the hill would take out of me. Was in a pack with Whetstone, Trey, Yuckevich, and Kalapos for a while. Started pushing up the hill and figured I would have more once I got up to the top. This was no the case. Went from 3rd to 11th in the last k which was pretty embarrassing. Really not a good finish at all. Mentally just busted after realizing I didn't have it. Thought I had a lot more than I did at the end especially because I didn't feel bad until after the hill. Weird experience. Nice cool down with the Carnegie guys, talked to Josh for a bit, good guy. Started the cool down and the legs cramped up from top to bottom, but eventually got going. Not good for the confidence but at this point there's not much I can do. Going to do my best to recover and get ready for the end of the season.


  • Ethan Brodeur  (11/3/2019 12:12:54 PM) 

    I think it's a big + that you went for it... similar to Nick. In a way finding your limit is more satisfying than finishing a race like this and thinking you had a lot more to give. You're only 1,000 meters away. That's surmountable.