The daily log of Joe Stover for Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Daily Note

Shakeout at 2:45. Saw baby geese. 25 min progressive warm up, didn't feel great. 5k in 14:55 or so. Was pretty hot out so Stiles said to work into it the first mile or so and be more conservative. Very similar race to last week, died with 3 to go, just went out slower this time. Set myself up well to go with the guys that ran low 14:30's, but just didn't have it. Felt pretty bad all of last week so makes sense. Met a nice Chicago guy named Chase. Solo cooldown and grabbed some Chipotle.
Outdoor wasn't a great season for me time-wise, but I certainly learned a lot and grew as a runner. Just wish I didn't know about indoor time conversions because knowing my indoor time converts to 14:36 makes me feel like I left some on the table. But I think that if I've learned anything from my sophomore year it's that times are great feedback, but they don't change who you are as a runner. Doubling well at conference is one of my proudest accomplishments despite not running any sexy times. I'm proud of doing it because it tested my mental toughness and ability to compete; it validated my abilities without running super fast. XC me was obsessed with time feedback and when I got sick, I thought my season was a major disappointment. Even if I didn't get to run at regionals or nationals back then, I would have been the same (or very close to the same) runner--just without the positive feedback. So even though this outdoor season wasn't a big step forward time-wise--I think I've become a much more mature runner/teammate which will hopefully set me up well to be a better competitor (and leader AH!) next year.


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    Conconcongratugratugratulationlationlationsss you're a beast and you have big things comin

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    Good stuff