The daily log of Joe Stover for Thursday, May 09, 2019



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Daily Note

Shakeout after some hanging around and playing skip bo. Felt really stiff, probably from the bus ride. Warm up felt similar, did 25 progressive and it felt fast and not especially good. Did feel significantly looser after it though. 5k in 14:46. Really sad to hear that Peter wasn't racing, but it gave me something to run for. Only heard him and Kirby during the race. Told myself that I would only be disappointed with the day if I didn't try to go for nationals. Pretty windy but temp was great. Found a good spot early on and assumed most people would be running 70's. Tried to move up only when necessary and when I could get a spot on the inside. Worked out very well. Lots of movement ahead of me made it pretty easy to just progress with minimal surges. Hit mostly 70's and 69's through 2 miles and came in through 3k at a PR lol. Could tell with 5 laps to go that I probably didn't have it, but just did my best to close it out. Last 3 laps were a good struggle. Tied my indoor PR but was really happy with being bold and going for it. Couldn't use calves on cooldown. Felt like a penguin. Ended it off with 5 guys.


  • Tucker Cera  (5/11/2019 11:44:56 AM) 

    which five guys?