The daily log of Joe Stover for Tuesday, May 07, 2019



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Daily Note

Did HK with Brad, Peter, Noah, and Chas. Felt pretty good in the new shoes. I like the little ankle supporting boys. Good time out there although the Olive Garden was sitting a bit iffy. Did some stretching, hips, and rolling after. Also an ice bath with Katie and Megan. Spilled stir fry juice on my new white shoes because I was also carrying a pie. Truly devastating.
On this day, team hat lost to team hair on the forest park hawthorne course. After being up one shot on the 8th, our heroes had an awful hole while the hairs birdied. Hats finished even par while the hairs won at one under.


  • Kirby Simon  (5/7/2019 6:33:54 PM) 

    Team hair had a scare on the last hole as both of them sunk their tee shots into the water.