The daily log of Joe Stover for Monday, May 06, 2019

Imagine Dragons


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Daily Note

AM: Was originally running with Patrick at 10:15. Then we found Michael and Crut. Then we found Marco who was waiting for Cobin so we did a loop on the 40 into a Martinville. Picked up Marco, but no Cobin who was waiting for Connor Wright. So we do another mudd loop and then come and get Wright and Cobin. Then this beautiful group did a 45 loop. Good times and kept it easy. Did an in and out with Patrick in 5:50. Then a little campus loop. Told Stiles I wanted to do the 5k on Thursday. I think I have a better shot at qualifying for nationals. Saw Stiles after I showered and he said that we'll for sure go for the 10k next year, which I agree with.
PM: Skipping the double because I cleaned the shop for 4 hours and now I'm exhausted


  • Joe Stover  (5/6/2019 7:17:24 PM) 

    We had to empty and clean all the bins and then dry them too

  • pauldambrosio117  (5/6/2019 5:42:18 PM) 

    How does it take 4 hours to clean that small of a space?