The daily log of Joe Stover for Thursday, May 02, 2019



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Daily Note

AM: Run in the rain with Patrick, Peter, Cobin, and Christopher. Should have taken the shirt off because it was really saggy and wet after a quick minute. Felt much better though. Did 2 in and outs afterwards in the wet. Clocked Brad at a 31 for a 200 of his k's. He went way too fast and probably broke Stiles forever.
PM: Run with N8 not in the rain. Did a WFCL, good times with my guy. Can't wait for the summer with the boys. Had two finals today and both went well, so just an online one to go!


  • Katie S  (5/3/2019 1:05:45 PM) 

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  • Tucker Cera  (5/3/2019 7:53:47 AM) 

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