The daily log of Joe Stover for Wednesday, April 10, 2019



: 4.70 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0


: 11.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

AM: Ran an extended JBD by myself. Really nice outside but a bit windy. Felt bad at the start but got grooving by the end. Saw Scottie on his way to a bike and Connor Wright at BD.
PM: Did reverse Chouteau with JS, Patrick, Brad, and Peter. Listened to Brad's conference plans for a while which was wack city. Got going to a decent pace by the end but nothing crazy. In and out in the streaks afterwards. Those felt good. Then a little cooldown around campus. Really hating the thirteen (I refuse to spell it how they do (why is it even spelled like that to begin with?)) construction. Will probably get a funnel cake from DSP this weekend though. Some stretching, rolling, and hips in the ATR afterwards. Got not disappointed with JS tonight too.