The daily log of Joe Stover for Monday, April 01, 2019

Citizen Cain


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Daily Note

AM: Split long run. Did double with Marco and JS through mansions. Great conversations and even saw a couple of rich puppos. Legs felt bad at the start but pretty good at the end. Gonna pay a lot of attention to the calves.
PM: Did a new route (it's official we had ten) that went out to SLU, then to IKEA, and ended on a Chodo and Wydown. A perfect 11 miles. Had a good crew out there. Went on some nice rants with Liam and Michael, then talked about our favorite Cane's. Didn't have much time to stretch since I Carter and I went to a Blue's game. Dope game and got to hang with Mr. Anderson. Gotta study for an exam tomorrow though so gonna try to maximize sleep.